Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

Olaf Palme & The NaZis

Letter from Sweden from Krister to

You seem to be right in your assumption that Illuminati Jews were behind Hitler. As you know I have been editing a document in Swedish, put on the net by an anonymous source calling himself George de Culpa.

The 200-page document is named "I händerna på en blodsofferkult" ("In the hands of a blood-sacrifice cult"). The author seems to have put together a lot of investigative material on Jewish influence in politics and about occult relations, including the Nazis.

The big problem with the writings, is that the "George" seems to have some kind of deficiency with language. His sentence structure is very bad and the thing is almost unbearable, but his information is exceptional. I thought the book deserved to be 'translated.' As I live in Sweden, one of the more interesting subjects is Olof Palme [Swedish Prime Minister 1969-1976 and 1982-86] and his family.


Olof Palme came from a crypto-jewish family by his mothers side.

The original family emigrated out of Germany and to Baltic states (in German Knight hands) in 13-century (in Swedish 12-century). [My guess is that they probably was Khazar-Jews].

Their name was Knieriem (from leather workings) and they were a Jewish family 'converted' to Christianity.

They worked their way up doing service in the Czar regime of Russia. For his contribution to the Vienna conference of 1814-15, the first individual in the family is knighted. His name is Meichior von Knieriem.

At the beginning of 19-century, some of the family move to Moskow under the more Russian name Knirim. The author of the book wants to emphasize that this is 100 years before the 'revolution'.

In Moskow they get prominent positions in the Tzar regime.

- Alexander Alexandrovitj Knirim, born 1837, come to be one of the highest men in the legal apparatus of the Tzar regime.

- Jegor Ivanovitj Knirim, born 1807, come t be professor in Germanic language at the University of Moskow.

The author writes that the circle at the University was dominated by Fjodor Dostojevski and Leo Tolstoy, both supporters of a World Empire led by Moskow

- Ivan Fjodorovitj Knirim, who died 1807, was one of the directors of the dreaded Okhrana. [ Olof Palme also started his career in Swedish intelligence].

And now we come to the Nazis:

The father of the mother of Olof Palme, was Professor Woldemar von Knieriem. The author writes that the Jew Woldemar at this time is headmaster at Riga polytechnical shool (Latvia).

Pupils at this school later laid the groundwork for the pan-Germanic race-ideology with it's new socialist party. They subscribed to Blavatsky's teaching that race mixture diminished the root-race.

He writes that race ideologue to Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, a Jew, was educated in this teaching. Another was Max Erwin von Scheubner, saint of the young Nazis.

At the coup d etat 1917, Woldemar v Kniriem, moves his school to Moscow. The author writes that Rosenberg became educated in the Dostoevsky Pan Germanic project, i.e. to break up European culture, as a means of making way for socialism. He further writes, that Rosenberg in Völkisher Berobachter 1927, writes that his aim in life is to unite the Russian youths of Dostoevsky with the national socialistic [youth].

It's getting a little bit late, so I shall just in short write down a few more details.

1916 - The mother of Olof Palme, Elisabeth Sophie von Kniriem, marries Sven Theodor Gunnar Palme (born von Born).

CRIdutt.gifThe year they meet, their cousin Rajani Palme Dutt, is founding the Communist party of England.

He also plays a major role at the founding of the Indian communist party.

He writes then, that the uncles of Olof Palme, Rajani and Clemens Palme Dutt, was running the Apostles Club at the Cambridge University, the notorious espionage-cell that come to recruit Kim Philby and the other spies.

Another cousin of Olof Palme, was Hella Wuolijoki, one of the founders of the communist party in Finland who was given the key-role in the Finnish capitulation talks with the Soviets.

The brother of Palme's mother, August von Knieriem, became 1931 a member of the IG Farben Board of Directors and chief legal expert of IG.

IG used slave labour at Auschwitz and built their own concentration camp, Auschwitz III or Monowitz, to handle slave workers for their 'Buna werke', a large production facility to make synthetic rubber and gasoline.

August von Knieriem, was indicted in the Nuremberg court proceedings, but was allegedy saved by pressure from Rockefeller in US.

I find it somewhat questionable how one single family could produce so many individuals working in top positions for communism, and socialism, and possibly having an influence on the future Nazi regime? To me it looks like this family should be researched for more details of hidden history. This is the original document.

Swedish royal family hit by fresh Nazi allegations

By Tony Paterson

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Queen Silvia, front, and her father, Walther Sommerlath, back row, in 1977

Queen Silvia, front, and her father, Walther Sommerlath, back row, in 1977

The disturbing revelations, made by Sweden's Kalla fakta (Cold facts) TV programme, directly contradict 67-year-old Queen Silvia's claims earlier this year that her father was not "politically active" and that the factory he ran produced toy trains, hairdryers and parts for civilian gas masks. She also denied he had taken over the factory from its Jewish owners.

However, documents unearthed by Kalla facta in Berlin and South America show that Walther Sommerlath joined the Nazi party in Brazil in 1934 – only a year after Hitler took power.

They showed that he returned to Germany shortly before the Second World War broke out in 1939 and took over a previously Jewish-owned Berlin factory that had been "Aryanised" by the Nazis.

Under Sommerlath's ownership, the plant produced tank parts, anti-aircraft guns and other items vital to the Nazi war effort.

When Silvia Sommerlath married Sweden's King Carl Gustav in 1976, Walther Sommerlath denied he had ever been a Nazi party member. A Swedish newspaper first revealed the fact in 2003, but the Queen flatly refused to respond to the disclosure at the time. She spoke for the first time about the subject in July this year, saying that although he joined the Nazi party, her father was neither politically active nor a soldier.

She has so far refused to answer questions concerning the latest disclosures about her father.

Her brother Ralf told Sweden's Expressen newspaper in a recent interview that the Queen was "terribly upset" by the documentary, which he dismissed as "lies and slander".

A statement released by Sweden's royal palace said: "The Queen has no reason to comment on the content of the programme," adding, "Of course, the Queen is sorry about her father becoming a member of the Nazi party. She first knew about his membership in adulthood. She never had the opportunity to discuss this with her father."

Last month the Swedish royal family's reputation as a model of regal respectability suffered its first devastating blow after a warts-and-all book exposed Queen Silvia's husband, 64-year -old King Carl VVI Gustav as a philanderer who attended wild sex parties abroad and in underworld Stockholm clubs while the secret police kept guard.

The book entitled The Reluctant Monarch has become an instant bestseller in Sweden. The popularity of the royal family has dropped sharply since its publication. A poll published by the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter showed that only 51 per cent of Swedes supported the King, compared to 64 percent a year ago. Carl Gustav has reluctantly admitted to most of the book's finding and attempted to dismiss them as past events that are no longer relevant. "I have spoken to the Queen and we have decided to turn the page and move forward," he said in a statement.

The latest revelations concern Walther Sommerlath, the late father of Sweden's German-born Queen Silvia. He has been unmasked by an investigative television documentary as a Nazi party member who grew rich during the Second World War running an armaments factory that had been stolen from its Jewish owners.Sweden's royal family has been rocked by a new scandal which has exposed the hidden Nazi past of the Queen's father, only weeks after its reputation was shattered by lurid disclosures about the king's secret sex life.