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The Holocaust was an inside Job

The German National Socialists never referred to themselves as Nazis.

Moses Hess coined the term national socialism, commonly shortened to Nazism, which he intended to use for Jewish nationalism - and this as early as 1862.

The connection between Zionism and German Nazism thus already existed from the beginning and would later on be developed further, both ideologically and politically. Documents found by the German historian Klaus Polkehn, reveal an extensive co-operation between the leading Nazis and Zionist leaders. This information was published by the Israeli Professor Israel Shahak in the Israeli newspaper Zo Haderekh on 2 September 1981. More

Israel Opens Door For New Look At Holocaust

Tuesday, June 08 2010 @ 01:02 AM BST

Veterans Today

June 7, 2010



Israel’s release, direct from government sources, of a comedy video mocking Freedom Flotilla members executed by IDF recruits, clearly opens the door to reexamination of the holocaust and Israel’s history of deception for gain. With a current Israeli government that has created an apartheid state based on issue of racial orgin and has even funded “junk science” racial research meant to prove Jews to be a “unique race” among the people’s of the earth, parallels are easy to draw. Every Gestapo office in Hitler’s Germany had charts and equipment used to differentiate “Aryans” from untermenschen, Slavs and Jews.

The radical concepts of the Likud Party in Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, of limiting citizenship based on, not only racial characteristics, but bizarre interpretatons of government funded genetic research into “racial purity” deeply parallel those enacted by that other “special country” in Europe many years ago. Systematic war and peace, ever expanding borders, continual propagandizing, resettlement of “impure racial stock” and exclusion from political and economic life, are characteristics of a “corporate state.”




Continual and unending references to the holocaust as a rationale for resettlement of “impure racial stock” deeply parallels the themes of “Jewish-Marxist” betrayal of the Kaiser’s Germany bringing about defeat in World War I. Hitler contended that the Rothschild’s used their financial control over Britain and France to manipulate the Treaty of Versailles to the extent where the Jewish banking house would be able to loot Germany of its assets and put a communist government in place there as it had in Russia. These theories were quickly translated into racial policies based on eugenics, a bizarre pseudo-science developed in the United States by the Bush and Harriman families.

Here we see the theory of collective racial punishment, as administered in Nazi Germany and currently in the “open air prison” of Gaza, based on a combination of junk science and bizarre conspiracy theory. A Jewish tailor in Dresden and a Palestinian tailor in Jerusalem, along with their families, would be destined to suffer idential and equally undeserved fates with one exception, the “gas chambers” of the holocaust, the area disputed by holocaust denialists and the area exploited by Israel as justification for apartheid.


The best known scholoar of holocaust theories is Dr. Thomas Dalton, author of Debating the Holocaust; A New Look at Both Sides. Dalton discusses the history of the “denialist” movement and efforts made to criminalize, not only politically motivated efforts to change majority perceptions of the holocaust but also stifle legitimate research into, not only the holocaust but a more accurate history of Europe in the mid 20th Century. Most recently, Ernst Zundel, a German born researcher who has questioned issues related to the holocaust was extradited from Canada and imprisoned for years in Germany for “crimes” that, in America would be considered not just “freedom of speech” but relatively modest historical enquiry. Zundel questioned the number “six million” and, in doing so, was arrested and convicted of an obscure law that creates a special class of truth when Jewish perception is involved.

Zundel, and significant numbers of historians of varying credibility believe the number of Jewish dead is being vastly over stated along with the methods of killing. It is their contention that since there is no scientific evidence that gassing or cremation facilities existed designed for masskilling, a major area of their research, that numbers of dead should be reassessed. They insist that since camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau are no longer considered “death camps” and that many other camps listed disappeared “without any trace” according to their research, that the number dead should be lowered by up to 80%.



If punishing holocaust “denialists” by criminalizing insensitivity, even if they are correct in their scholarship, is to be a crime when it applies to the deaths of Jews, some insist that the same acts against any group, Palestinians, American sailors on the USS Liberty or one of the dozen more recent holocausts should receive the same legal protections and identical public representations. The problem seems to emanate from a renewal of an issue of Jewish racial superiority tied to a growing movement in Israel meant to place Jews as a separate race, a fact scientifically farcical, somehow “above” the Semitic races or those of European descent. Thus, continual scientific research, mirroring the worst of the “denialists” is financed by Israel, meant to establish a Jewish genome.

The concern that has driven the renewal of holocaust denialism is that this move on the part of Israel, in fact reflects the worst pseudo-scientifical tenets of National Socialism and is being used to support the political theory of Zionism, a combination of racial separatism, racial superiority theory and political expansionism.

If “denialists” are insensitive for failing to properly balance their historical methodologies based on statistical analysis, engineering and chemistry with a humanistic approach taking into account the massive human toll on the Jewish population when removed from their homes, imprisoned, starved and subjected to high mortality through typhus and other diseases, there is significant reason for Israel to feel threatened.



After World War 2, “Nazi” and “Fascist” became the “gold standard” for political insults. However, in truth, Hitler totally changed how governments looked at their roles, especially when confronted withchallenges similar to those Germany faced in 1933, challenges even more common today. The selling of America’s “war on terror” mirrored Hitler’s burning of the ss and the staged Polish attack in 1939, both “false flags.” The use of demonization of an ethnic minority is continually used in every region of the world, most recently against Muslims, but to some degree in every society and every nation.

Hitler was and is the gold standard, seeking a racially homogeneous society, control of the media, “one party” politics and military hegemony.

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Ask any German, “What year did Hitler go crazy” and you will get an answer. Many despise this political views but many alsoadmire his accomplishments, often settling on 1938 as the watershed. Today, every nation can have the “Hitler scale” placed against it. In America, 9/11 brought on 1934 withPatriot Acts taking us to 1937 and the invasion of Iraq moving us to 1939. Israel hit 1939 with the Six Day War, but internally operated in pre-1935 areas until the murder of Prime Minister Rabin. Recent events would put Israel at 1941.



Were the experiences of the holocaust, notwithstanding any debate on “how many” and “died which way”, to have empowered a just society and the references to suffering to be applied to humanity, the issue would not be as controversial as it is under the current circumstances. Is the holocaust being used to empower criminality by a regime bent on moving up the “Hitler scale?” For 62 years, some of the world has hated Israel while the west has been under the spell of storytellers who have supplanted reality with a belief system that has placed Israel above reason and accountability. The troops that murdered the humanitarian workers on the Freedom Flotilla had, the day before, been bashing in heads on the streets of Tel Aviv, Jewish heads, political opponents of Netanyahu, Rupert Murdoch and the Likudist extremists.

Israel may be a unique blend of Theocracy, Kleptocracy and Parasitocracy. Many nations have one, even two of these characteristics in their make-up. America recently toyed with a Theocratic regime and suffered greatly for this misjudgement. Much of the Islamic world is theocratic, as Israel points out, stifling human development and individual freedom, in ways Israel herself has become more than expert at.

What Israel has lost is “special nation” status, something defense of the holocaust as a national asset, often wielded as a weapon, will not be able to restore.

Gordon Duff: Israel Opens Door For New Look At Holocaust