Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

Hitler - A puppet of International Jewry tasked with the destruction of Germany


From 1933 to 1938 Hitler turned from being a creature of the generals and International Jews, into a radical totalitarian dictator. Many of those who were close to him were dismayed by what they saw. These were "dyed in the wool" German patriots who loved their country with a passionate love. They were true Germans who felt it necessary to stop the madman which was destroying the country they loved. Nearly every one of them that broke with Hitler met a terrible death. Admiral Canaris was slowly strangled to death; General Rommel, the Desert Fox of North Africa was forced to commit suicide; Field Marshall Von Sitzleden was killed and his body was exhibited hanging from a meat hook. It was no coincidence that Hitler used these sadistic means, since they were the same means used by Communism and came straight from a Judaist Talmudic background.

There were at least seven assassination plots against Hitler by top ranking officers in the German army in 1943 alone. These men realized that Hitler was a "Judas goat" who was leading them to destruction.

The facts surrounding these plots have been revealed by British historians after a careful study of captured documents. While some say that Hitler's escapes were acts of God, I personally believe as Goff did, that he was a Satanist and under the protection of that evil one. The Bible tells us, "by their fruit shall ye know them," and Hitler's fruit certainly was not the "fruit of the Spirit," spoken of in Galatians 5:22, 23.

From the moment of his rise to power, Hitler used every means at his disposal to drive Germany into war. As his forces conquered country after country, it was Hitler's direct orders which caused such a hatred of Germany among the conquered people.

But Germany must die! This was the word from the "puppet masters" who even then pulled the strings which governed this strange man.

It was Hitler's stupidity that gave the Soviets 70,000 square miles of Polish territory without a fight. By 1940, with German help, the little countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were safely in the Soviet fold. Then Rumania, Northern Bukovania, and portions of Bessarabia fell to the communists.

When the German armies moved into Poland it gave the Communists the opportunity to do the same from the east and allowed the Soviets to wipe out the cream of the Polish Army Officers Corps at Katyn Forest. This atrocity was used by the communists to further hatred against Germany, who in this case was not guilty. It might be interesting to note here, that while both Germany and Russia invaded Poland, England and France only found Germany guilty.

Stalin admitted they were using the Germans, saying: "We shall assist the Germans in an European War so that they can offer prolonged resistance to the British and French, and in this way exhaust the Capitalist nations.. In this way we will control the decision."

Then on May 24, 1940 the German Army was in a position to defeat the British at Dunkirk and very possibly end the war. It was then that Hitler gave his famous order that the left wing of the German assault be halted. Gen. Heinz Guderin in his book THE PANZER LEADER, said that when this command came, the German military leaders were utterly speechless. It went against everything the military stood for. Yet they obeyed and the British were able to make it back to their island fortress. Here we see Hitler, with one command, destroy everything the German Army had accomplished by their blood, sweat and tears.

Dr. Walter Dornberg, German expert on the development of the flying bombs and the brains behind the V-1 and V-2, stated that Hitler could have won the war in early 1944, but he held back on development of this new and terrifying means of waging war.

Then to make things even worse, with Britain in his grasp, he turned away and attacked his ally, Russia. Many military experts have tried to figure out the thinking of this devious man. Had he become so drunk with power that he decided lie could conquer the world? Or was their a deeper purpose behind it? He was never on the battlefront, so did not. have to face the hardships of his people. While they were suffering and dying, he was living in sybarite splendor in Berlin. It was at this time that the British Government, followed by the United States, came to the aid of the Communist forces. They were able to draw the elite of the German forces into a conflict in which their supply lines were hundreds of miles long. It also allowed Stalin to know who was the hidden enemy in his country and hundreds and thousands of those who fought with the Germans were later liquidated.

With the defeat of the Germans in Russia, the Communists were able to tighten their control over all of central Europe. Then on April 24, 1945, American forces under General George Patton were lined up along the Elbe River, in some places less than 14 miles from Berlin, when the order came through General of the Armies, Dwight Eisenhower that they were to withdraw and await the appearance of the Russian forces in Berlin.

Then came the end on April 30, 1945, the London Daily Times ran a headline which said: HITLER ON BRINK OF DEATH WITH CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE! The following day, General Kukhov and the Russian Army entered Berlin.

On the afternoon of May 1, 1945, the Hamburg radio suddenly stopped its program to announce that the Fuhrer had died "fighting to his last breath against the enemy." Admiral Doenitz, was put in command of the German forces.

The great German specialist, Dr. Giensing who had examined Hitler on many occasions said that it was impossible that Hitler had died from a cerebral hemorrhage or from cancer as reported.

Then on May 8, seven days after the Russians had entered Berlin, it was stated that the charred remains of Hitler and three of his companions, including his paramour Eva Braun, had been found in the burned out rubble of the Chancellor's bunker. No pictures were ever taken of his body. No concrete evidence was ever given that the body was his. There are many contradictory stories about what happened in that bunker. Whet her he escaped or not, is not the important thing. His task had been accomplished. Germany lay in ruins; 3-million of Germany's best young men were dead; over 550,000 civilians had died and 2.6-million German homes were in ruins. Germany was set back a quarter of a century and the country was divided. Not only that, but the people of West Germany have been in slavery to International Judaism ever since and have paid over $35-billion in war reparations to those who were supposed to have escaped the Nazi Concentration camps. Then the twilight of civilization descended on Europe and over a billion people and ½ of the world's surface came under the savage control of the anti-Christs of Communism.