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England's Jewish Aristocracy

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January 17, 2011

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1941, Friedrich Wilhelm Euler, Nazi Germany's leading expert on Jewish genealogy, published a lengthy article entitled "The Penetration of Jewish Blood into the English Upper Class."

Euler asked how modern Britain had come to be the "protecting power of Jewry" despite the relatively small size of the Jewish community there.

Too much emphasis, he claimed, had been placed on Jewish economic and intellectual influence, and not enough on the penetration of the English aristocracy by Jewish blood.

Well before British Jews were emancipated in the 19th Century, Euler argued, baptized members of commercially and financially successful Jewish families had married into the English nobility.

Virtually all of his 148-page article consisted of a catalog of Jewish conversions and subsequent marriages with non-Jews, starting in the fourteenth century.

The evidence proved, Euler argued, that the English aristocracy had literally sealed a "marriage with Jewry" in terms of its in its "blood substance."

This information cited from Alan Steinweis, "Studying the Jew: Scholarly Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany" (2006) p. 107, has important implications.

I have suggested that the New World Order is an extension of the British Empire, which has always represented the rapacity, greed and satanism of a mixed-race class of Masonic (Cabalist) Jews called the Illuminati.

If Euler is correct, it's no exaggeration to say that the English elite is crypto Jewish. This is consistent with the conclusions of Leslie Pine, editor of the renown Burke's Peerage.

The "Jewish Conspiracy" is the British Empire. So are the American Empire and the NWO.

The "Jewish Conspiracy" is the "Establishment," founded on the power of the London-based central banking cartel.

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Picture dated 23 October 1937 of the Duke of Windsor (C), the great great uncle of Prince Harry, and his wife Wallis Simpson meeting the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Prince Harry has apologised after being pictured in a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party. The Sun's front page showed the Prince, with a cigarette and drink in hand, wearing a swastika armband.


History needs to be rewritten from this perspective. We can begin with Dunkirk (May 1940) when Hitler let 330,000 British and Allied soldiers escape, ostensibly as a gesture of peace.

Hitler must have known what Friedrich Euler knew. His proclaimed desire to make a pact with England doesn't make sense. He knew England was not an Aryan nation, in terms of its elite.

England was the bastion of Illuminati Jewish power. If Hitler were sincere, the invasion of England would have been his first priority.

He would have incarcerated those 330,000 soldiers at Dunkirk. Instead, he let them escape and carried out British policy, by attacking Russia.

As I have said, Hitler was an Illuminati Jewish ("British") creation. He was placed in power to do exactly what he did, destroy Germany and pave the way for one world government.

He persecuted Jews because the Illuminati needed to trauma brainwash them in order to set up Israel, and to advance the NWO.

Look at the modus operendi of Marranos, Crypto Jews, Communists and Freemasons. It is the same as Hitler's: to conceal your real identity and true aims; to infiltrate, subvert and eventually destroy civilization. This involves subverting every individual, nation and group, including non-Illuminati Jews.

History needs to be recast in terms of this satanic conspiracy. Our tragic past is the result of a Cabalist spell. At this rate, our future may be even more tragic.


Hermann Goetsche (1815-1878) was a German "anti Semite" credited with inserting a chapter in his novel Biarritz,(1868) entitled "In the Jewish Cemetery of Prague." The chapter consists of a speech by a rabbi which is thought by some (not me) to be the inspiration for the "Protocols of Zion." It includes the following passage which might shed light on how Illuminati Jews regard intermarriage:

"We must encourage marriages between Jews and Christians for the people of Israel lose nothing by the contact and can only gain from these marriages. Our race, chosen by God, cannot be corrupted by the introduction of a certain amount of impure blood, and by those marriages our daughters will secure alliances with Christian families of some influence and power. It is right that, for the money we give, we should obtain the equivalent in influence over everything around us. To be related to gentiles shall not imply a departure from the path we have chosen to follow; on the contrary, with a little skill it will make us the arbiters of their fate."

-Quoted in Norman Cohn, Warrant for Genocide, p. 272