Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Geert Wilders -- Dutch Rising Star is Zionist Shill

March 14, 2010



From Anthony Migchels

author of "Dutch Barter System Challenges Bankers"


You're right about Geert. He is indeed a Zionist pawn. He supports Israel totally in its "existential" war against barbarous and terrorist Islam. He has been there over forty times and spent a year in a kibbutz when he was younger.

Surprisingly enough, he opposed the continuation of the Afghanistan mission, which led to the fall of the cabinet here a couple of weeks ago. But no doubt this was because the mission is deeply unpopular here.

There has been some debate on who finances him. He doesn't disclose this, but he is very popular with the AIPAC/ADL crowd in the US and there are strong reasons to believe they do at least part of the financing.

He has been on Dutch television exclaiming 'we are all Israel' to his Zionist backers in the US. (Click 'bekijk uitzending', go to 3:57). In fact, another party is introducing new legislation to force him to disclose who is behind him.

He likes yelling about the so called 'left' elite that runs the Netherlands. Wouter Bos, Labor Leader, is ex Shell, but these kinds of little details are beyond Geert. He will never question who started importing these Turks and Moroccans in the late sixties, early seventies. They were brought here, because the Dutch were apparently no longer willing to do the dirty jobs: we had full employment in those days. However, price elasticity suggests that when you can get no worker you must raise wages, and that is what our corporate boys did not want to do back then.

Geert is just another agent provocateur, useful idiot hired to lead popular dissent into a blind alley. The Muslims are his bogey men. He foments a race/religion conflict in the Netherlands, for which there is some support, because large scale immigration is facing mounting resentment.

He totally ignores the bankers, even in this time of the Great Crunch.

In this way he clearly supports the NeoCon WW3 agenda, and takes the heat off the bankers.


He seems to have a solid base of between 15 and 20% of the populace. Not bad, but not quite enough to get real power. In our system, parties are forced to form coalitions to get majorities in Paliament (the "tweede kamer"). He will have to work with the Christian Democrats, who will allow him all sorts of nasty goodies (like forbidding head scarfs for your Muslim girls), but won't make any concessions regarding the EU, NATO, the Police State (which he backs, of course, as a necessary measure to stop the bearded hooligans) etc.

He has a nice style, calling his political opponents 'total idiots'. He has shown himself to be a good survivor, because he gets lambasted by the press here. The main 'quality' newspapers here are brain dead liberal outlets, always so civilized and nuanced. They play their role in declaring him an insult to civilization.

His main merit is, that he has made it politically correct to claim importing foreigners ('multiculturalism') is a farce. It is now reasonable to suggest that the newcomers must adapt and integrate. The day he invites his friends of Jewish Persuasion to do the same would mark the zenith of his political career.

The British did everything they could to give him standing by not allowing him to enter the country a few months back.

Geert is prosecuted for the 'hate crime' of comparing the Q'uran to Mein Kampf. This, of course, only serves to increase his popularity. Even I feel for him when confronted with such nonsense. Whether he is aware of the paradox that his Zionist/ADL/Political Correct masters are behind that bizarre institution is unclear to me.


The fact that Geert is now a real contender for Prime Minister in the coming June elections, is not so much his strength, but reflects the rot of the traditional powerhouses, the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labor (PvdA), whose bases have been eroding severely over the last 15 years and who were almost destroyed by Pim Fortuyn, nine years back.

PvdA and CDA usually have some 35 and 45 seats each, of a total of 150 seats. They will both be dropping below the critical 30 seats, apparently, in the next election. Chances are Geert will get some 30 seats too. The biggest party gets the initiative in the coalition talks and delivers the PM if a coalition can be formed.

When this happens, Geert will be quickly bogged down in the political snake pit that is The Hague, with its endless compromises. As long as he doesn't need to compromise, he has this great Macho allure, but when he gets to wield the axe in the national budget (150 billion for the bankers here, the sick, old and unemployed will have to pay), and is facing all the political infighting related to this nightmare, he will quickly start looking ordinary.

In short: our Geert is not a Jorg Haider (who had an auto "accident" after promising on Austrian TV to smoke out the Ziobankers) and he will enjoy his pension on the shores of Tel Aviv, unless his handlers find it more expedient to have him slaughtered like a pig for public relations purposes. This is what happened to his equally highly intelligent, but simple minded predecessors Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.